Message from Mr Hajime Tsuruoka - President and CEO, Canon Europe

Throughout the Canon organisation, we continue to ensure healthy growth through a dedication to innovation and technology breakthroughs. In this way, the organisation’s approach to business has never changed. We aim to contribute to more convenient lifestyles for people everywhere.

Mr Tsuruoka

With our quality products spanning the wide spectrum of markets from consumer-focused imaging through innovative office solutions to high-precision semi-conductor equipment, we continuously strive to be at the forefront of technology. This is achieved through further enhancing existing technologies and developing promising new technologies. It is this dedication that allowed Canon to launch one product every four days in 2004 and be on target to launch more than 80 in 2005.

2005 is the year that sees Canon Europe recognised as providing the largest sales revenue portion for the group and final year of Phase II of the Excellent Global Corporation Plan. The objective of the plan, which was initially launched in 1996, is to guide the organisation transformation into a highly, profitable operating structure and this is evidenced by Canon Europe’s current position in the group.

In Phase III, which begins in 2006, we will pursue a course of healthy growth while maintaining this highly profitable structure. Guided by our corporate philosophy of Kyosei, which means living and working together for the common good, Canon Europe will continue to contribute to society through technology innovation. We will also ensure that as a global corporate citizen, we support initiatives to take care of the environment and members of the communities in which we operate. This way we will live up to the expectations of all our customers, partners, investors and employees.



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