BLM550 Teknik Özellikler

Paper sizes

Minimum 208 mm x 208 mm (with VarioPrint 6160 / 6200 / 6250 / 6320: 203 x 203 mm)
Maximum 305 mm x 457 mm (with VarioPrint 6160 / 6200 / 6250 / 6320: 320 x 488 mm)

Paper weight

80 up to 160 g/m² normal paper types
70 up to 250 g/m² dependent upon paper type and quality
60 g/m² Top Mail paper

Book thickness

Maximum finished book thickness:
10 mm (approximately 220 pages using 70 g/m² paper)
Maximum set thickness:
5 mm (approximately 55 sheets using 70 g/m² paper)


Single side loading stitch head
1 - 6 stitches
6 stitches allows small books to be printed 3-up and guillotined afterwards, for example
Stitches per reel: up to 291,500


Optimum printer productivity when books contain at least
- 4-10 A4 sheets, or
- 3-6 A3 sheets
depending upon printer
Integrated rotator ensures maximum printer productivity (primarily for A5-size books)

Output capacity: BLM550

35 books of 20 sheets (80 g/m²)
Stacker allows unloading during run

Output capacity: BLM550 PRO

Optional book stacker with 930mm stacking capacity as books are stacked vertically with spine facing downwards
Automatically accepts different thicknesses and sizes of books: no need to unload books until the stacker is full

Dimensions: BLM550

Width: 1,675 mm
Depth: 1,870 mm
Height: 1,330 mm

Dimensions: BLM550 PRO

Width: 1,770 mm
Depth: 2,420 mm
Height: 1,330 mm


BLM550: 700 kg
BLM550 PRO: 850 kg

Power supply

200 - 240V
50/60 Hz
single phase

Power consumption

In operation: 550W (maximum)
In standby: 90W (maximum)

Key features

Makes books from 8 - 220 pages
Produces high quality books with a square spine
Securely stitched books with no risk of loose sheets
Memory for 24 jobs
Hand feeding of sets, if necessary
Good alternative to tape or perfect binding
Heavy duty side-loading stitch head
Fully automated
Ergonomic design
Small footprint
Instant-on, no warm up time
Low power requirements