Selection Guide Digital Cameras

What To Look Out For When Choosing a Digital Camera?

  1. The most critical element in a digital camera is the lens because all light must go through the lens. So choose from traditional film camera makers, especially those renowned for their optical lens.

  2. Consider what type of storage media the digital camera uses. SmartMedia is flimsy because its connecting wires are outside the cards. Memory stick is proprietary to Sony devices only, so it's not considered industry standard. Compact Flash card is by far the best bet because it is thick and hardy. Many output devices eg. printers and projectors use the card as a storage device, so images stored can be output straight away in these devices.

Before you decide which digital camera to buy, consider the following questions.

1. What do you plan to do with your digital images?
If you intend to post these images on your Webpage, or just to email the latest pictures of yourself to friends and family members then you do not need a high resolution camera. A 1.3 megapixel digital camera is more than adequate.

If you need to print out your images, you will have to match the resolution of your digital camera according to the size of your intended prints.


Suggested media size

2.0 megapixel

Up to 4R

3.0 megapixel

Up to 8R

4.0 megapixel

Up to 10R

2. Digital camera design
If you are snap-happy and prefer to let the camera do the necessary adjustment e.g.-exposure, shutter speeds etc., our Digital IXUS and Powershot range are great choices.

Our Digital IXUS range, which epitomises style and performance, is just right for you if both form and functionality of the camera are your concerns. However if have a tight budget to work with, check out our budget range which gives you high quality imaging at reasonable prices.

If you prefer a high-resolution digital camera with more creative controls, check out the performance range. If you are a professional photographer, check out the professional SLR range.

3. The need for zoom
The power of a zoom is measured by the number of times it can enlarge a section of the subject. It can be done digitally or with an optical lens.

4. Software
There are many types of software available in the market. You should always consider the usability and functionality of the software when purchasing one for your particular needs. All Canon digital cameras are bundled with a number of software to provide you with a total imaging solution.

Use & function of software

Suggested software

Photo editing; colours, form etc.

PhotoShop Imaging Software

Image storage

PhotoShop Imaging Software

Photo stitching for panoramic view

Photo Stitch Software

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