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Business Process Outsourcing Services

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Digital Process Services

Total process cost control and process excellence of your primary and secondary business processes

Work significantly faster and reduce the risk of error with digital document workflows

Having gained a deep insight into your marketplace and customers, our management consultants can benchmark how your business operates at a process level. With experience in many different industries and knowledge of the latest document process re-engineering practices and imaging technology, Canon Business Services can help you transform your information and document management practices.

We take over, optimise, operate and ultimately transform your business with service offerings ranging from basic print room and mail room, through to helping you deliver direct marketing campaigns and outsourcing key digital and document processes to us.

Transforming document processes – physical or digital

Existing information and document processes can often be manual and people intensive. Canon Business Services will bring a new operational approach, built around an efficient operating model, targeted to improve levels of output. We optimise and transform your processes so you don’t have to worry about your documents any more – physical or digital.

Business data, information and documents are critical to financial and strategic decision making. They are essential assets that have a vital role in the successful daily operation of an enterprise. However, with many back-office systems and – often – manual processes in place to convert files into the correct format, keeping up with the market can be a big challenge. With the latest marketing insights and proven technology and expertise, Canon can help you work more efficiently and reduce the risk of error with digital services, such as e-billing, e-invoicing and digital mail room.

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