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Purchase any selected Canon i-SENSYS or MAXIFY printer between 1.1.2022 and 31.12.2022.
Register your purchase and get 3 years warranty on your products.
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MAXIFY business printers deliver professional quality, colour printing and high levels of productivity to small and home offices. From simple printers to All-In-One printers with copying, scanning and faxing functionality, the MAXIFY range offers high efficiency and a wide range of connectivity options including printing from mobile devices as well as from cloud services.


Discover our i-SENSYS range and enjoy print quality that is delivered every time. The range has robust design, it integrates seamlessly into business offices and workgroups.


Promotional period: 1.3.2019 to 31.12.2019.

Terms & Conditions

Products Cashback (EUR)
Maxify iB4150 5
Maxify MB2150 5
Maxify MB2750 5
Maxify MB5150 5
Maxify MB5450 5
i-SENSYS MF421dw 15
i-SENSYS MF426dw 20
i-SENSYS MF428x 20
i-SENSYS MF429x 20
i-SENSYS MF522x -
i-SENSYS MF525x -
i-SENSYS MF631Cn 30
i-SENSYS MF633Cdw 20
i-SENSYS MF635Cx 30
i-SENSYS MF641Cw 30
i-SENSYS MF643Cdw 20
i-SENSYS MF645Cx 30
i-SENSYS MF732Cdw 40
i-SENSYS MF734Cdw 45
i-SENSYS MF735Cx 45
i-SENSYS MF742Cdw 40
i-SENSYS MF744Cdw 45
i-SENSYS MF746Cx 45
i-SENSYS LBP212dw 5
i-SENSYS LBP214dw 10
i-SENSYS LBP215x 10
i-SENSYS LBP312x -
i-SENSYS LBP351x -
i-SENSYS LBP352x -
i-SENSYS LBP611Cn 15
i-SENSYS LBP613Cdw 20
i-SENSYS LBP621Cw 15
i-SENSYS LBP623Cdw 20
i-SENSYS LBP653Cdw 25
i-SENSYS LBP654Cx 30
i-SENSYS LBP663Cdw 25
i-SENSYS LBP664Cx 30
i-SENSYS MF443dw 15
i-SENSYS MF445dw 20
i-SENSYS MF446x 20
i-SENSYS MF449x 20
i-SENSYS MF542x -
i-SENSYS MF543x -
i-SENSYS LBP223dw 5
i-SENSYS LBP226dw 10
i-SENSYS LBP228x 10
i-SENSYS LBP325x -