The compact all-in-one XA35 camcorder boasts a wide dynamic range and an HD/SD-SDI terminal - making it ideal for professional mobile news gathering and for journalists who need to capture content discreetly, especially in challenging high contrast lighting conditions.

Canon XA35


    • Wide 26.8mm¹, f/1.8-2.8 lens, 20x zoom with intelligent 5-axis OIS and Dynamic IS
    • 1/2.84" HD CMOS Pro sensor with improved sensitivity for enhanced low-light performance and lower noise
    • Wide DR mode (600%) and Highlight Priority mode² maintain highlight/shadow detail for a more natural image
    • HD/SD-SDI output ideal for professional broadcast environments
    • Dual-format recording: Full HD AVCHD (28Mbps) or MP4 (35Mbps) to 2 x SD cards
    • Detachable handle with professional XLR inputs and built-in IR lamp
    • 8.77cm (3.5") OLED touchscreen for excellent resolution, contrast and colour reproduction
    • 1.56m dot EVF and 45° tilt for flexible shooting
    • Fast and slow motion (x2 to x1200) with interval recording in MP4 mode
    • Built-in dual band WiFi for remote control, file transfer/upload and browser preview

Detaylı Özellikler

Canon XA35 ürünümüzü daha ayrıntılı inceleyin

20x zoom wide angle Canon HD video lens

Capture superb quality footage thanks to the XA35's stunning and versatile 26.8mm¹ wide angle lens. A 20x zoom gets you up close to the action, while Dynamic Optical Image Stabilisation compensates for shake in 5 directions to provide ultra-steady images. f/1.8 maximum aperture, an 8-blade iris and EDM technology enable beautiful 'bokeh' effects.

Improved 1/2.84" HD CMOS Pro sensor

The newly developed Canon HD CMOS Pro sensor achieves an effective pixel count of approximately 2.91 megapixels to deliver stunning Full HD picture quality. With increased sensitivity and an improved signal-to-noise ratio, low light images in particular appear cleaner with reduced noise.

Flexible new image settings

Two new picture settings help you achieve even more impressive results. Wide DR mode gives you a 600% dynamic range, resulting in bright images with high contrast that retain detail in both highlight and shadow areas, without the need for post-production. Highlight Priority mode reproduces footage with more natural tones, richer colours and detail, particularly in areas of high brightness² - perfect for scenes with bright skies and reflective surfaces.

8.77cm (3.5") OLED touchscreen and tiltable EVF

Despite its compact size, the XA35 provides high-quality monitoring. An easy-to-use OLED touch screen with a 1.23 million dot resolution offers faster response times and superior definition, contrast and colour reproduction compared to LCD equivalents. A 0.61cm (0.24") 1.56 million dot EVF can tilt up to 45° - easily accommodating a range of shooting positi

Ürünün Teknik Özellikleri

Canon XA35, özellikleri ve yapabilecekleri hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinin.

Full HD

Full HD

HD Video Lens

HD Video Lensi

Wide Angle Lens

Geniş Açılı Lens

20x Optical Zoom

20x Optik Zoom

Steady shots in every situation

Her koşulda sabit çekimler

Steady shooting on the move

Hareket halinde sabit çekim

Superb low-light shooting

Düşük ışıkta harika çekimler


DIGIC İşleme gücü

Wide DR Gamma

Hem aydınlık hem de gölgedeki ayrıntıları yakalama

Highlight Priority

Aydınlık ayrıntıları vurgulayın

Interval rec

Yaratıcı zaman atlamalı kayıt

WiFi Cert

Wi-Fi uzaktan ve kolay paylaşım

8 Blade Circular Aperture

8 Yapraklı Dairesel Diyafram


28 Mbps AVCHD kayıt


35 Mbps MP4 kayıt

Professional Audio

Profesyonel Ses


8,8 cm Organik LED dokunmatik ekran

Dual SDXC card slots

Çift SDXC kart yuvası

Instant Auto Focus

Anında Otomatik Odaklama

XA35 Derecelendirmeler ve incelemeler


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