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Printed books are thriving in the digital world

The fear that printed books would be consigned to history by digital media have proved unfounded. With a global industry valued at $151 billion¹, demand for hard copies is stronger than ever, with consumers in need of a ‘digital detox’ turning to print for a more intimate reading experience.

But what is the next chapter for books? While consumers’ love for physical books remains strong, technological innovations and cultural shifts are having a profound effect on the way books are produced. Publishers and book printers are adapting their business models and finding new ways for print and digital to co-exist in an increasingly interconnected world.

Canon’s infographic is a companion piece to our ‘Think Books’ report. It highlights key consumer trends and industry statistics, showing why printed books have a strong future and highlighting the potential digital production has to transform publishing.

Infographic: The next chapter for books

Find out what lies in store for printed books, and how they are evolving for a digital world

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Books have a bright future

By 2022 the total volume of digitally printed books will reach 100 billion pages². Read all about the future of books here.

¹ 'The Changing World of European Book Publishing and Manufacturing’ - IT Strategies, November 2016

² Western Europe Production Digital Printing, Market overview report - Caslon, 2017

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